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Take a minute to watch this video, it could have a very positive impact on your life! I am genuinely honest and I value my time; I will only work with you if I believe I can help you.
Hi there! My name is Sean Blix of Rainmaker Investment Advisory, a business I began about 20 years ago as an independent investment advisor focused on helping like-minded business owners and professionals to make their personal and family investment portfolios a success.

Today, things are going better than ever. Most of my clients come from referrals and many tell me that they wish they had met me sooner.

Possibly you have concerns with your portfolio. If so, my advice in this moment is to not ignore your concerns. I am inviting you to contact me because I provide three key elements which are crucial for investing success and most importantly, I am honest with my clients. If I believe that I can help you, I will tell you.

Firstly, I only focus on investments into private companies. These investments are vital for the portfolio of any savvy investor. On their own these investments have provided consistent returns, and they are excellent for diversification if you have a traditional portfolio made up of stocks and mutual funds.

Secondly, as an independent advisor you receive my personal attention so I can use my expertise, tools and select investments to build you a holistic plan which aligns with your objectives and family situation.

Thirdly, through me, you have access to a wide selection of non-correlating investments into established private companies within essential industries. You could even have access to private unicorns such as SpaceX and Epic Games.

Now, at this time, the best thing you can do is click the link to schedule a call with so you and I can have a brief conversation. I will answer your questions and we can explore how I can help make your portfolio a success.

I look forward to meeting you and I appreciate the opportunity.

Thank you.

Additionally, I am a ...
  • Business owner
  • Awesome father
  • Musician, singer & songwriter on the acoustic guitar
  • Athlete, trying to stay young
  • Epicurious traveler
  • Computer geek
Rainmakers know and understand the business of their clients, and they are also interested in their clients as people. Rainmakers connect their personal lives with business opportunities – many times without realizing it. Not necessarily to “make the sale,” but because they truly enjoy interacting with people – who then turn into clients. Most rainmakers also excel as problem solvers.

Patricia K. Gillette, "Rainmakers: Born or Bred?"

Where do you begin?

Schedule a call with me;
Within 15 minutes I will know if I can assist you with your investment portfolio, and you will know if this will help you to better enjoy your life & sleep at night

Authentic, convenient and effective!