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Rainmaker is pleased to introduce you to:

Equiton Residential Apartment


historical performance & Target*

1 Year

  • 10.29
    Income & Growth*

3 Years

  • 11.77
    Income & Growth*


  • 8.89
    Income & Growth*


  • 8.00
    Income & Growth*

what is in it for you?

Stable income from monthly cash distributions of 6% per annum*, and equity growth of 1% to 6% per annum* for a total of 8% to 12% per annum*

Image of management

The value proposition for investors

Jason Roque is the CEO and founder of Equiton. He has over 25 years' experience in real estate finance, investment and development, and has spearheaded the exponential growth at Equiton. Throughout his career he has overseen all aspects of the real estate investment life cycle including: acquisitions, financing, governmental approvals, construction and operations management. Jason is committed to maximizing returns for partners and investors while upholding the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.
Jason Roque, Founder and CEO

Investment strategy

Due to strong fundamentals, the Canadian private apartment REIT investment class has an excellent track record demonstrating stability during good and difficult economic conditions. Equiton is a well managed portfolio of Canadian apartment buildings with a well respected Advisory Board; focused on delivering investors the opportunity to benefit from regular income as well as equity growth of the assets. The Fund invests in large, multi-residential apartments and student housing properties across Canada. Investors in the Fund receive monthly distributions from the rental income and participate in the growth of the underlying properties. Currently, most apartment buildings are owned by individuals or small partnerships. The Fund's primary strategic opportunity is its ability to extract excess value while consolidating properties in the highly-fragmented apartment universe. The Fund drives the realization of excess value by acquiring properties below their intrinsic value and implementing an active management approach to increase rental income, maximize efficiencies and reduce expenses.

Key Considerations

  • Low equity risk. Loan to value is 49.23% (April 2022)
  • Monthly income as well as equity growth
  • Tax efficient as distributions are considered 100% return of capital
  • This investment is backed by hard assets, well-located apartment buildings that generate income through rent
  • The fund targets underperforming and undervalued existing multi-residential apartments in Canada
  • Increase property equity through strategic renovations and mortgage reductions
  • Actively manage property to increase rental income, reduce expenses and increase efficiencies to maximize asset value

Rate of Return Targets

  • 6
    Annual Income *
  • 2
    Annual Equity Growth *
  • 8
    Total Minimum Annual Rate of Return *
    (From Income + Equity Growth Combined)

Key benefits associated with this investment*

The suitable investor is comfortable with

Investment Objectives

Investment Sectors

Possible risks*

High-level Details

  1. 1 Year Historical Annual Rate of Return * (Income + Equity Growth Combined)
  2. 3 Year Historical Annual Rate of Return * (Income + Equity Growth Combined)
  3. Since Inception Historical Annual Rate of Return * (Income + Equity Growth Combined)
  4. Annual Rate of Return Target Minimum* (Income + Equity Growth Combined)
  5. Annual Rate of Return Target* (Income Only)
  6. Annual Rate of Return Target* (Equity Growth Only)
  7. Additional Profit Potential
  8. Additional Profit Potential From Tax Efficient Distributions
  9. Hurdle rate for investors before management participates in profits
  10. Split ratio paid to investors of additional profits (investors : Management)
  11. Distribution Frequency
  12. Minimum Investment Amount
  13. Currency
  14. Target Term* (Months) - Short
  15. Target Term* (Months) - Long
  16. Open or Fixed Term
    Open Term
  17. Early Redemption Options
    Yes. Refer to Offering Documents
  18. Eligible for Registered Accounts (RRSP, LIRA, RIFF etc)
  19. Commission % paid to Dealer (Built-in operating expense)
  20. Trailer % paid to Dealer (Built-in operating expense)
  21. Accredited Investors Only
  22. (AUM) Assets Under Management of Issuer
    840 M
  23. Date of offering documents
    March 20, 2024
* With every investment, there are risks which may or may not effect your decision to invest. Always read the offering documents.
* The target rates, historical data and dates provided can all be referenced back to the Fund Facts sheet and offering documents for each respective investment. The Fund Facts and documents are available on this website by logging in and viewing each respective investment. You can view and download all offering documents.
* Any references to % rates of return, or a length of time, are always to be considered as targets set by management of each investment. The management will strive to achieve their respective targets and may have a history of achieving these targets, however, there are no guarantees these will be achieved in the future. Actual profits may be higher or lower. No investment is guaranteed to achieve its targets or protect invested capital.
* Rates are net of fees.
* Target and historical figures were last updated : 21 May 2024
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